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The Farrah | Coiffed Curls and Sweet Rebellion: Flavor of a Decade by Mischa G.


Reality Bites by Sabrina Michals with Mischa G.


As kids we called it “imagination”, pure and simple.

Design Excellence Award for Communication at iF 2018

Caroline Greyl on the Legacy of Leonor Greyl

History of shampoo written by Hairstory

The story of what we call shampoo is a story that reaches back less than a century, but the story of washing our hair is thousands of years old, or as long as we’ve had hair to wash.

In Interview Dave the Bushman

Q: What are some of the benefits to this society that you can’t experience in a Westernized city? A: A true sense of freedom and community!

“If we had our own Superhero movie, it would be an eco-thriller. The villains: Shampoo companies,....”

Eli Halliwell and the war against Shampoo

“When I encountered New Wash, I had no choice but to team up with Michael Gordon and Mauricio Bellora to bring these revolutionary products to the world.”

Improvising Perfection: The Felix Fischer Story

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In Interview Formento + Formento

Life is about how you feel, and art can make you feel they are the same thing

A New Era for Mischa G: Early Influences, Hair Futurisms and the Great Work of Believing in Oneself.

Click! Click! Welcome to the future! A world defined by one sound: “Click.”

Nyae Nyae Village Schools are the only San schools in Southern Africa where San learners are taught in mother tongue.

Louder than Words: Little Voice on never growing up

Standing at the Grave of Antoine de Paris with Laurent Philippon

Once upon a time… in the Institut de Leonor Greyl

In Interview Mischa G. The Yellow Glow of Rebellion

"I’ve always been terrified of Alice in Wonderland so I would prefer to never live or work there and god have mercy on my soul if I ever get Alice as a client."

In Interview The genesis of South African horror-pop outfit NO INTERNET

In Interview Sabrina Michals

Life Imitates Art Initiates Life

And Does Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life? Life is art. Is not the moon a testament to that?!

Grand écrivain de la lumière – an amazing photographer with a genius mind, and a brilliant peer

In Antoine Le Grande portraits, the intrusion of elements like mirrors and smoke and the use of light and shadows dramatize the scene and create compositions that are classic and disconcerting at the same time. This monograph presents a broad selection of more than 170 portraits, shot by Le Grand over a 20-year period.

David Bruce does not take photos, he gives; he does not watch, he listens.

David Bruce photographic prints stand as both works of art and a sensitive culture being lost to the world. A unique combination of art and social commitment born out of a rare level of contact with the subject. In a span of over twenty five years he has created some of the most arresting portraits of indigenous Kalahari Bushmen.


Education is Life in all its manifestations

Eny Whitehead has developed a strong aesthetic sensibility, which greatly influences her personal vision of style, beauty and fashion. Her modern approach to beauty translates into effortless, eclectic and flawless looks.

BJ Formento is the light + Richeille Formento is the pigment.

Exuding an eerie sensuality combined with a narrative cinematic sensibility, the ambiguous nature of the characters and scenarios remind us of David Lynch and Hopper-esque landscapes. They couldn’t have landed in the photographic landscape at a more opportune moment.

Loni's gift to create and transform is extraordinary

Loni Baur is an artist who understands the entire spectrum of beauty, art and fashion. Her technical eye for color, texture and details has made her individual reputation in the international industry.

Mischa Golebiewski was never destined to be the Golden Girl.

Don’t be afraid to take the past head on

Philippe is an Individualist with an eclectic approach; he never gets enough of variety and he is definitely the one playing, and not complying, with rules.

Sabrina Michals

Queen Elizabeth II has the most iconic hairdo it has not changed it since she came to the throne – nor should she.

Wendy’s passion for hair – combined with her tireless quest to find formulas to boost hair recovery and health – led her to create Iles Formula. What began as an onset hair secret is now the Iles Formula a 3-step high performance hair care system.

Cultural Clusters

Hair Marvels: Mischa G.


‘Energy is contagious’, a mindful body can be sensed and appreciated by those around us.

Poetry in Hair

Does Life Imitate Art?!


The Journey by Eny Whitehead

Dear all make up artists and hairdressers who are aching for new challenges, time is tcktcktck! Eny Whitehead is back in Berlin on March 31th - April 2nd.


A- ZEN of Hair Artistry by Sabrina Michals

Grande Maison, in collaboration with Sabrina Michals, is delighted to announce the live stream event.

The Creamaster presents one of the most thrilling and versatile make up artists – Loni Baur

This one was for the all dreamers,
Poets and Romantics, those who endlessly dedicate their life to their craft. To whom perfection is not satisfaction but opportunity.

It's time for a Rendez-Vous with Wendy Iles

For all hairdressers and poets it's time for a rendez-vous with Wendy Iles.

Bobs and bits by Sabrina Michals

“It comes and goes, but the Bob always gives models new awakenings, a new career. Look at the flaming red hair of Karen Elson, or take Amber Valenta, Linda Evangelista. When these models cut off all their hair, it was like a rebirth.” Sabrina Michals

Kaviar Gauche et La Vie En Rose

Client: Kaviar Gauche, PFW 2018