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Sabrina Michals

Her work has been featured in the likes of Spanish Vogue and GQ, but the essence of hairdressing must not be lost under its ever growing industry. Sabrina Michals - “a Wellness Coach for the hairdresser” - unites traditional styling and Beauty education with Wellness; proving once and for all that the most talented in the business should embrace an holistic approach to take their work that step further.

Born in Santa Monica, CA, Michals studied Beauty at the Vidal Sassoon Academy before moving directly out of California and into the bright lights and opportunity of The Big Apple. New York City spelt success for Sabrina Michals, as she found herself working at Bumble and Bumble. - the figurehead of the Michael Gordon legacy, on Hairdresser’s Row. The Bumble and Bumble. salon become Sabrina’s homestead, where she has spent the last 25 years as an educator.

However, Michals is hardly what you would call salon bound - she’s been lead hair stylist on many runway shows, and, while working as Creative Director for global brand Artistry trained the backstage styling team. During her time with Bumble and Bumble., she travelled to Paris, where she studied the art of Baylage under famous hair colorist Stephane Pous. She was also a core team member of both Eugene Soleman's and Orlando Pita’s teams - two masters of the Beauty world.

Today she is not only one of New York’s most talented hairdressers, but is also a trained Yoga instructor, certified aromatherapist and plans on securing her life coaching license very soon. “I'm currently at a turning point in my career.” explains Sabrina. “I have decided to branch off on my own and infuse Wellness and Beauty with the art of hairdressing.”

Educating hairdressing professionals in an holistic approach is, for Sabrina Michals, crucial if they are to “take better care of themselves, and balance entering and exiting of energies on a daily basis.” Foundational within this unique process is the understanding of essential oils and how they affect the hair, but also the body, mind and soul. But it doesn’t stop there, Sabrina aims higher still. “I plan to build my brand in series of signature classes. I would love to be a 101 wellness lifestyle coach for hairdressers, and I am currently working on a product line for hair and skin.”