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Born from the sparks that fly between creatives, Grande Maison is a deviant hub for production, imagination and exploration in the realms of fashion, film, beauty and the arts. The rooms of Grande Maison are full of exciting projects, and with that comes countless ways for you to be part of it all.

Create the conditions for imaginations to run wild. Whether by supporting one of our patron projects, our education & cultural programmes, or by backing the Grande Maison digital archive, you can help build on the past, to change the future. Let’s spearhead a new culture, a creative cooperative.


Give the Ju/’hoansi a voice for the future

We live in a time of rapid globalisation; billowing homogeny swallowing up the rare and the different, history stripped away by the future. The subjects of photographer David Bruce’s lifelong project - The ‘Ju/’hoansi Bushmen of the Kalahari - a sui generis tribe of Namibia, make up the last remaining indigenous culture on their ancestral ground. They are a crucial example of a rich past being swallowed up by an all-too-hasty future. At Grande Maison, we’re taking that future on.

Now David Bruce takes a new and important step in his work with the Ju/’hoansi. With your help, David will create a series called African Landscapes. His mission: to give the Ju/’hoansi a voice once more. You can support David Bruce’s project and the Ju/’hoansi with one simple click. Give to our fundraiser so we can put the right camera in the hands of the right photographer, or purchase one of his platinum-printed photographs from his The ‘Ju/’hoansi Bushmen of the Kalahari project. Own a piece of history, help us change the future.


Fuel our creative collective

At Grande Maison we understand that it is life that imitates art, and not the other way around. A true artist can guide trends, challenge culture and take on the future; they just need the right platform. We curate, exhibit, document, organise. We fan the flames so great art can travel like wildfire. By creating the perfect platform for creatives in fashion, film, beauty and the arts, we can shape the eye of collective culture. Join us.

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