Grande Maison


Don’t be afraid to take the past head on

Philippe started his career at the age of thirteen. From the very beginning, his journey would be full of adventures but he could not have foreseen that when he entered the door of the small salon nearby Paris.

As assistant to Madeleine Cofano and Odile Gilbert for several years and a close follower of the work of Laurent Philippon and Orlando Pita, he acquired the dexterity and originality that would form the basis of his style. He joined the Bumble & Bumble team in 1997. Philippe loves styles that look easy and natural. He works for influential labels such as YSL and Balmain and many more.

His objective is to transform the old-school hairdressing into a modern and sophisticated style. Philippe is an Individualist with an eclectic approach; he never gets enough of variety and he is definitely the one playing, and not complying, with rules. Philippe is part of Grande Maison’s artistic collective. He owes his passion and love of the craft to the city where he started his career, Paris, La Grande Dame de Couture, where the rumble and buzz of the Fashion industry rules the world of inspiration.

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