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A-Zen of Hair Artistry by Sabrina Michals

Meet Sabrina Halfway Live

Critically acclaimed stylist and self-proclaimed “Wellness Coach for hairdressers”, Sabrina Michals mind is brimming with tricks of the trade, secrets of the craft, and creativity ingenuity, collected and curated over years working in an ever moving, ever developing industry. From her reshaping of New York City’s infamous salon Bumble and Bumble.’s backstage team, to her editorials for GQ and Spanish Vogue, Sabrina has proven herself again and again to be one of the most admired talents in the biz. And she does it all with an holistic approach, proving without a doubt that wellness and hard work can mix.

How does she do it? Now you can find out.

A-Zen of Hair Artistry

From October 7th - 9th, Sabrina Michals opens the doors to her creative genius for a limited time only! Those lucky enough to join her will be treated to an inspiration masterclass entitled quite simply: Ponys and Buns. As the name suggests, Sabrina will be demonstrating the near-endless possibilities that come with even the most laidback styles. Ponytails, Bits and buns may strike many as the style of the relaxed, chilled and at rest, but no: Michals is here to demonstrate the multifarious ways that tying it up can become a statement look.

“Go super sleek. Secure it sky high. Wear it low. Wave it up. Play with texture” - these are just some of the looks Sabrina’s masterclass will explore. “It gives me the ability to experiment with my students on runway essentials”, says Michals. “So much is possible with just one piece of elastic and a good eye for styling.” Modern, yet timeless, that’s the philosophy. Sabrina spends her days walking the bustling streets of New York City, a hazy world of past meets future, of style meets substance. Strolling the avenues, she passes face after face, hair-do after hair-do. This is where history is made, where people choose their style, and do the daily catwalk along New York City’s sidewalks on their way to work. The looks Sabrina Michals creates today, these crowds will be wearing tomorrow. Likewise, for stylists looking to incorporate timeless modernity into their daily work, with the help of Sabrina Michals that future can become a reality.

A-Zen of Hair Artistry LIVE STREAM


8th October, 7 p.m. (CEST)

Tune in on October 8th to learn an eclectic range of styling tips, trade secrets and product recommendations.

Grande Maison, in collaboration with Sabrina Michals, is delighted to announce the live stream event: A-Zen of Hair Artistry. Wielding the powers of Wellness that Sabrina has honed over years of Holistic practice, we at Grande Maison have created a live stream platform where professionals and amateurs around the world can learn from the queen bee of hair styling herself. Versatility is the name of the game, and the game is well and truly afoot. Whether you’re looking to hone your craft of take your styling to the next level, do it with the help of Sabrina Michals and her unique holistic approach to hairdressing. Get your Livestream Ticket here and tune in on 8th October at 7p.m. (CEST), click here Sabrina Michals Live Stream

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A-Zen of Hair Artistry

Versatility is the name of the game, and the game is well and truly afoot.

Berlin: 7 p.m. (CEST),
London: 6 p.m. (BST),
Paris: 7 p.m. (CEST),
New York: 1 p.m. (EDT)

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